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                          Mechanical Bank Collectors of America - What's New Page
     What's new on the MBCA web  .....  prior to Sept. 2013
 To see the most recent "WHAT'S NEW" on the MBCA web, click here.

Added to the MBCA web between Feb. 03, 2013 and Sep. 03, 2013
Pay Phone Bank advertising image from 1926 Riemann, Seabrey Co., jobber catalog, page 70.
Butler Bros, 1910 advertising images (catalog page 32) for Calamity (Football), William Tell, Bad Accident, and Teddy and the Bear.

1948   Meyer shows Vicky's brother, Lawrence, how to operate one of the 200 banks.
Reproduction Banks advertised in TRUE THE MAN'S MAGAZINE Nov. 1961.
Reproduction Banks advertised by F.A.O. Schrarz Christmas, 1962.

1980  They Pay Big Money For Banks, P.B. Auction,  Miami Herald.

Members pages
Boy on Trapeze *Calibration* by John Feather
1969  Convention Minutes

1970  Convention Minutes
1981  Workshop - Economic Outlook for bank collecting as an investment

1981  Convention Minutes
1991  Convention Minutes
2012   Banker Questionnaire, PDF
2012   April BANKER,  PDF
2012   August BANKER PDF
2012   December BANKERPDF

Added to the MBCA web between June 16, 2012 and January 28, 2013 
1968 Old Mechanical Banks - Mark Haber, Manuscript,

1956 One Penny for the Show! -
American Home Magazine,

1933 What About the Banks? -  The American Legion Monthly, Article
- information
        about banks in 1933 that you will not see elsewhere on the M.B.C.A. web.
1959 Scans of Calumet Baking Powder Jobber Want Book - photo of 3 Calumet banks.
1976 Sears Catalog - Americana Mechanical Benny Banks, 13 copies of original banks,
        and 1 copied from previous reproduction.
1978 - "Mechanical Bank" News Report,
Antique Toy World Article.
197 Banking Ways and Daze - Antique Toy World Article.

1980 - Banks bring big money, P. B. Auction, Antique Toy World Article.
Auction prices were updated and include the Al Winick collection (98 lots sold for $1,491,201).


Members pages
2012 Convention Questionnaire,

Added to the MBCA web between March 3, 2012 and June 16, 2012 

Corby - Many Events Reflected by Penny Banks - 1940


Habit of Thrift Once Made Fun - 1942


Ina Bellows book Review - 1940


PENNY BANKS - 1977 book review by Heidi Berry


J. & E. Stevens Co. 1851 advertisement


Jerome B. Secor - 1880 advertisement


Edward S. Coe dies in 1926


Miscellaneous J. & E. Stevens articles and agreements


Hall's Excelsior bank advertising flier

Warman's 12th Antiques and their Prices from 1975

Scans of proof prints from printers blocks for


Cat and Mouse


Chief Big Moon


Gem Registering


Hen and Chick


Perfection Registering


Professor Pug Frog


Jolly N.


Punch and Judy



Scans from original 1927 advertising pages for


Monkey, Trick Dog


Elephant Pull Tail


Frog on Rock, Owl Slot in Book, Rabbit in Cabbage


Uncle Sam Register Banks


Montgomery Ward Advertising from 1890 for


Santa Claus, Jolly N, Speaking Dog, Uncle Sam, and Trick Dog 6 part base

Members Section Additions Include:

2011 MBCA BANKERS from April (pdf), August (pdf), and December (pdf)

2012 MBCA Convention Handout


J. & E. Stevens Co. - Sales & Payroll, Cromwell CT, etc. (3,189k PDF)

List of MBCA member names from 1970 and 1990 "Directory Of Members" (addresses, phone, Email, etc. are not included), 1961 and 1980 were previously posted.

Visitors viewed a total of 13,445 videos on our channel since it was created
8 months ago Penny Lane (2,948), Bless Us All (2,718), Ed Mosler (2,136), and Steckbeck Collection - part 1 (1,943),  part 2 (1,885), & part 3 (1,815). Click here to view current count.


Jigsaw Puzzles were completed between August of 2011 and June of 2012 (10 months).

MBCA web visitor statistics for June 2011 to June 15, 2012 (646,237 pages were downloaded).

                    (Click here to see list of additions to MBCA web prior to March 3, 2012.)

March 03, 2012
on , Penny Lane, Bless Us All, Ed Mosler, and
                                       Steckbeck Collection - part 1part 2, & part 3.


Secor Cast Iron Train - article from 1968 Toy and Train Quarterly,

J. & E. Stevens Co. - 1910 postcard,


Cast Iron Stores - New York City, 1849 and 1862,
Dime Pistol Bank Advertising
A. C. McClurg & Co.'s Catalog of Holiday and Fancy Goods 1911-1912,
        Cabin, Trick Dog (6 part base) & Indian Shooting Bear
        advertising A. C. McClurg & Co.'s 1911-1912,


1968  Still and Mechanical Banks - The Questers,


197 Rare Penny Banks - Joel Slater's ANTIQUES NEWS Article,


197 John Wright Co. - Reproduction banks, brochures & prices,


1993  Lux Clock - Is you is, or is you ain't my Mechanical bank?


1994  A Penny Saved - Traditional Home Holiday


Members Section Additions Include: In the European Tin Money Box section:

Saalheimer & Strauss, Nuremberg 6 pages, 900kb pdf, and

      Money Boxes by Saalheimer & Strauss, Nuremberg, 26 pages, 4,920kb pdf.

                        Mamma Katzenjammer visits J. &. E. Stevens Co. and has photo taken near the Frog Pond.
                                                                        Also see: JES Drawings & Photos.

August 07, 2011
Recent Additions Include:

1917 - Bucking Mule Bank, Adv., John M. Smyth Merchandise Co.,
1924 - Andrew Emerine Memo and Literature,
1930 - Andrew Emerine, memo and folder,
1934 - Popular Science - Strange Things People Collect - Paul Scott likes banks,
1937 - Hobbies - Andrew Emerine, Collector - Banks of Distinction,
1950 - Mechanical Banks exhibited at bank in Kansas,
1950's - Pricing List of 194 Mechanical Banks, Earl Romey,
1951 - Henry W. Miller, advertising card with testimonial by Lederer,
1952 - Miami Herald - Dr. Ellias Freidus - Fancy Depositories,
1953 - Southern Comfort Bank - Letter, Advertising Card, Affidavit, HOBBIES Adv.
1953 - RI Collectors Club - Open Invitation and Correspondence
1954 - Dr. Arthur E. Corby Obituary
1960 - Book of Knowledge Reproduction Banks,
1962 - Andrew Emerine honored at 90,
1966-69 - Utexiqual Original Limited Edition Banks,
1988 - Perelman Museum Sale - Mechanical Bank Prices,
NEW Mechanical Bank Jigsaw Puzzles,
Members Section Additions Include:
BANKERS from April (PDF), August (PDF), and December (PDF) of 2010.
1999 through 2010 issues of the BANKER are now posted both in traditional web format (html) as well as PDF files compiled from page scans. See Date Index page for links.

March 26, 2011
Additions Include:  

1940 - Magazine of OLD GLASS - Two Glass Banks
1940 - Magazine ANTIQUES - For Indian Pennies, H. L. Durrell
1948 - The Springfield Republican - Ted Johnson, Collector

1949 - Mechanical Penny Bank Exchange Bulletin - Robert S. Greenfield
1950 - Earl Romey - Pricing list of 90 Mechanical Banks

1950 - Rudolf Salvatore - Providence Sunday Journal Article
1951 - Henry W. Miller - 1951 Price Listing, Banks bought and sold
1951 - John Meyer - Price Guide
1951 - Mark Haber - Offers banks for sale
1952 - Collectors Meeting at Yando Home - Rudolph Salvatore mailing

1952 - Andrew Emerine - Letter to Edward T. Richards
1982 - Ed Mosler Collection Sale - Antique Toy World pages

1988 - Perelman Toy Museum Sold - Maine Antique Digest

1991 - Bill Norman Collection at Auction - Price List

     Press articles reporting on the Bill Norman Collection Auction.
Antique Tow World - Preview September, 1991
Antiques and The Arts Weekly September 20, 1991 
Antiques and The Arts Weekly October 4, 1991 
Maine Antique Digest November 1991
             Antique Toy World November 1991
/Foundry section of the MBCA web was updated with information provided by Fritz Kokesh.

November 01, 2010
Public Section Additions Include:
Average Selling Prices
for Mechanical Banks sold at Auction 
1977 Edwin H. Mosler - Banks, Making a Game of Moneysaving 
Collecting Mechanical Banks - Early American Life, Feb. 1975 
1968 Philadelphia Bulletin Antique Toy Museum Article - Leon Perelman 
1961 Price list of Mechanical Banks available at attractive prices - Frank L. Ball 
William & Lena Roup and Floyd H. Griffith - Photos 
1954 Hand Drawn Card - E. Curro 
1952 Price Guide including gradations of prominent authors - Henry W. Miller 
Original advertising image scans for:
     Football / Darkey Watermelon (1883)
     Locomotive (1883)
     Locomotive (1887-8)
     Paddy and the Pig (1883)

Members Section Additions Include:
MBCA BANKERS from April, August, and December of 2009
MBCA Scrapbook, 2004 Historians Project, 1958-82 (1,139 pages, 35 files, 160mb)

May 24. 2010
     Public Section Additions Include
1849 - Something New, Cast Iron Store

1866 - Shepard Iron Works, Buffalo NY - Advertisement
1940 Recordo Coin Safe - December advertising card,
1946 Simmons Coin Bank Collection - Clarence T. Simmons of
Des Moines Iowa,,
1965 The Antiques Journal - The Toy Banks, an American Heritage

1970s Perelman Museum - America's Childhood Revisited,

1971 Long Island Antique Show banks on Spenders - Newsday
1971 Antiques Journal - Historic Stoner's Store
1987 Hang Seng Bank - Annual Report, Hong Kong
1985 Banking on Change -
Toronto Dominion Bank
J. & E. Stevens
Co., Royalty Agreements - 1876 National & Magic, 1877 Lilliput & Yankee Notion, 1878 Pelican, 1880 Mule Entering Barn. 1883 Gymnast, 1883 Eagle and Eaglets, 1884 Cabin, 1884 Multiplying, 1886 Professor Pug Frog 1, 1886 Professor Pug Frog 2, 1886 Bread Winner, 1888 Watch Dog Safe.
J. & E. Stevens Co., - June 15, 1905 letter - Glastonbury Conn. High School.
Members Section Additions Include:
In the European Tin Money Box section,
courtesy of Harald Merklein and Dr. Peter Reus - Bing Brothers, Metalware Factory, Nuremberg short version, 21 pages, 1811kb pdf, and Bing Brothers, Metalware Factory, Nuremberg long version, 94 pages, 4403kb pdf.

March 22, 2010
    It is with great sadness that we note the death of Donal Markey. 
     Donal was a significant contributor to our hobby and will be missed by all who valued him as a friend, a respected dealer in high grade and rare mechanical banks, a builder of collections, a teacher, a collector, a colleague, a perfectionist, and a gentleman.
      We extend our sincerest sympathy to his wife, family, and friends.

     ACN  TCM  Chat

  Lancaster-Obit  The Bee
Donal Markey - photo from 1994 Mechanical Bank Collectors of America Convention
  Donal P. Markey, photo from 2008 auction of Steckbeck mechanical bank collection

January 10, 2010
Members Section Additions Include:
       6-1/2 hours of videos including convention seminars from 1988, 1989, 1990, & 1991 plus miscellaneous videos featuring Ed Mosler, US Savings Bonds, PENNY LANE the Movie, Freedmans Bank, Bill Norman Collection, Athelstan Speilhaus, Bill Bertoia, Leon Weiss, Steckbeck Collection, and the Steckbeck Collection at Morphy Auction.
      1,133 pages from
scrapbooks maintained by M.B.C.A. Historians from 1958 through 1971 (tabloid size pages) and 1971 through 1982 (letter size pages) have been indexed and posted in the members only section - click here for 1958 to 1971, click here for 1971 to 1982.
User Name & Password for Members See December BANKER - Page 4. 
      M.B.C.A. web content is currently over 9,400 pages (if printed on 8-1/2" x 11" pages) and 5.62 GB. The home page had been accessed 205,648 times since April 6, 1999.
According to Netcraft data, the total number of websites as of January 2010 is 223,848,494 (224 million). According to dataopedia.com, this web ranked near the middle of the top one million most visited web sites (99.7% of web sites are less popular than www.mechanicalbanks.org).


December 3, 2009
Aaron Schroeder at 1998 MBCA Convention
    It is with deep regret that we  announce the passing of MBCA  member
Aaron Schroeder.

There will be a memorial service on Monday, December 7th, at 
11:45 A.M.:
      Riverside Memorial Chapel
      180 West 76th Street (entrance
is on Amsterdam Avenue)
      New York,  NY   10023 

Obituaries:  Variety  Berkshire Eagle  LA Times

October 4. 2009
Public Section Additions Include: 
Advertising scans were cleaned up and adapted for use as web page background images. Mechanical Bank pages from J. & E. Stevens Co., 1878, 1897, and 1924 were added to the catalog section of the MBCA web.
1931 3-Coin Register Bank - The Hoge Manufacturing Company, Inc. J. & E. Stevens factory photographs from 1956. Hubley Mfg. Co. Mechanical Banks in 1906 Catalog. Images from September 1957 issue of HOBBIES for cover and "Banker Bodfish - Collects Mechanical Banks" article were added. Slide show on home page and 2, 20, and 60 second interval pages were updated to include over 280 images.
Members Section Additions Include
Audio recordings of John Meyer describing acquiring banks in 1952-1953 Baby Elephant & Freedmans. MBCA BANKERS from April 2006, August 2006, December 2006, April 2007, August 2007, December 2007, April 2008, September 2008, and December 2008.
Additions to
European Tin Savings Banks, History Compiled by: Harald Merklein and Dr. Peter Reus include Money Boxes produced by metal ware and toy factory of Georg Brandstatter (geobra) Zirndorf near Nurnberg, Germany, small version, 8 pages, 1331k pdf, Money Boxes produced by metalware and toy factory of Georg Brandstatter (geobra) Zirndorf near Nurnberg, Germany, large version, 47 pages, 3815k pdf, and Schuco Money Boxes produced by Schreyer & Co. Nurenberg, 8 pages, 607k pdf.

April 06, 2009

 The Mechanical Bank Collectors of America is 51 years old in 2009. This web was 10 years old on April 6, 2009.
      If MBCA web content was printed on
8" x 11" paper
you would have 8270 pages (410mb if saved to disk) of text and photos from select reference material, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, auction prices, and correspondence all related to Antique Mechanical Banks.
Public Section Additions Include

Mechanical Bank Reseller Advertising from 1876 through 1936. Scanned from original jobber catalogs. 158 images, 141 banks, 32mb. Linked alphabetically, chronologically, and from bank names in Table Of Contents.
William Ferguson - text from 1940s BANK NOTES mailed to collectors.  Richard M. Lederer - text from 1940s manuscripts and letters.  John Meyer - 1940 letter from Hubley Manufacturing Co.  J. & E. Stevens Co. - 1884 Multiplying Bank Royalty Agreement.  Helen Situks - 1940 research, Index of American Design. Charles M Henn - Eagle and Eaglets Bank. 
Bankers Make a Hobby of Toy Banks - 1940s - The Sun's Rays.  Seamen's Bank For Savings - ESQUIRE Jesse Perlman Collects Children's Banks - July 19, 1946.  J. & E. Stevens Co. Banks -  April 1947, The Spinning Wheel.  The Old and the New Penny Banks - June 1955, Hobbies.  Shoot That Hat Bank - June 1947, The Spinning Wheel.  Harry Hartman -  1958 article, The Spinning Wheel Mickey Mouse Bank - 1982, by Pride Lines. Shepard Hardware Co. Banks - by Bill Norman - Collectors Showcase - 1982.  Sherwood's Old Penny Banks - 1936 Christmas Discount.   Sherwood's Old Penny Banks 1937 Rent Banks. William Ferguson - 1941, Litchfield Enquirer Thornton C. Thayer - 1940 letter to William F. Ferguson.  Richard M. Lederer, Jr. - September 1946 Collectors Roundup, Part I.  Richard M. Lederer, Jr. - 1946, Collectors Roundup, Part III.  Richard Lederer - 1950, The Thrift Bank, IBM MagazineMrs. Kenneth Stice - 1952, Local collectors busy. New Rochelle Federal Savings & Loan Assoc. - 1553, all this and interest too.  Seamen's Bank for Savings - 1953, Mechanical Banks made Savings Fun.  Francis L. Ball - 1953, Never Grew Up.  Andrew Emerine - 1957, Finest Collection in Nation.  Allen D. Bishop - 1964, Penny Bank Collector.  Tammany Bank made politicians wince - 1966, Made Politicians Wince.  The Original Cash Machines - 1991 article, Citibank 1991 exhibition.
Members Section Additions Include:
Text search accuracy has been improved by duplicating most pdf documents as html pages with links to information in the new html pages added to the A-Z Table of Contents.
21, 2008
Public Section:
  344 mechanical bank patent papers from 1867 through 1950 (1,008 8-1/2" x 11" pdf pages) have been posted and linked to Alphabetical and Numerical patent paper listings. Patent numbers linked to the pdf pages were also added to bank names listed in the Contents pages along with pages with Thumbnail patent paper images from 1867 through 2003 (pdf -2740kb). Links to Auction Prices were added to banks listed in the Contents pages. Auction $ were updated through December 2008 and data from original J. & E. Stevens Co. ledgers was added to the public Scrapbook section.
Members Section:   European Tin Money Box section additions include:
Money Boxes from Loren Bolz, part three, 5 pages, 908kb pdf. MBCA BANKERS from April, August, and December of 2005. The 2008 MBCA convention booklet containing J&E Stevens Accounting Ledgers & related material (85 pages, 7092K pdf) is also available to read and print from the members only section of this web. MBCA members should contact Bill Jones if they would like to be mailed a copy of the 2008 convention handout booklet.
September 08, 2008
- Recent additions include over 300 pages of reference material gleaned from thousands of original manufacturer documents in the USA and Germany : 1903 Bedtime Story THE MONEY BOX1958 ORBIS Advertising using Mechanical Banks, Sherwood's Old Penny Banks Ad - American Collector - June 1938 Adv., & Pittsburgh Post Gazette - March 24, 1956 - Quaint old toys and banks. J. & E. Stevens Company
Accounting Ledgers
  1874-1875 Paint Shop, 1881-1887 Accounts,1887-1891 Accounts, 1891-1895 Accounts, 1895-1898 Accounts, 1901-1904 Foundry, 1903-1904 Accounts, 1922-1928 Summary.  
Additions to MBCA Members section include:
  2008 Convention Handout - J.&E Stevens Accounting Ledgers & related material, 83 page PDF, 7092kb, plus nine booklets containing a total of 220 pages and 30mb of information on European Tin Savings Banks courtesy of Harald Merklein and Dr. Peter Reus - 
      1.  Tin Savings Banks Made by Arndt Bros. Metal Works, 6 pages, 1087kb pdf
      2.  Missionary Savings Banks by Auke de Vries, 5 pages, 476k pdf
      3.  Maienthau & Wolff, Nurenberg Toy Exporter,  8 pages, 2172kb pdf
      4.  Money Boxes from Lorenz Bolz, version one, 24 pages, 2439kb pdf
      5.  Money Boxes from Lorenz Bolz, version two, 27 pages, 2851kb pdf
      6.  Money Boxes Produced by Felix Lasse, Leipzig, version #1, 11 pages, 2668kb pdf
      7.  Money Boxes Produced by Felix Lasse, Leipzig, version #2, 63 pages, 9274kb pdf
      8.  Money Boxes Produced by Georg Zimmermann, Zindorf, 12 pages, 2591kb pdf
      9.  Money Boxes Produced by Georg Zimmermann, Zindorf near Nuremberg,
           Historic Tin Banks, Bd. 4, 63 pages, 7618kb pdf

Print out of MBCA Web Member's Section with a few banks.  

December 2, 2007 - Recent additions include: Free Appraisal - Andrew Emerine - Hobbies, April 1946, William Treue - 1954 Price List, 1975 NCR Company Advertisment - with 1975 Chevrolet Caprice, auction prices were updated with 60 new listings and sale prices from the sale of the Steckbeck collection, and American Collector - September 1938 - full page scans and OCR text.
     Additions to MBCA Members section include: 1972 Research Project Mechanical Banks Manufactured in Germany, Regina Musical Savings Bank, 2007 MBCA Convention Handout, 3,980k pdf, April 2004, August 2004, and December 2004 issues of
April 3, 2007
- Recent additions include: A new "/foundry" sub-web that is
devoted to the study of toy banks and the processes used to manufacture them. It contains articles that were researched and compiled by Fritz Kokish. The MBCA thanks Fritz Kokish and Bill Robison for permitting over 150 pages of their material to be available on our web see: www.mbca.com/foundry.
     Additions to the Scrapbook section include:
Old Penny Banks -The Bulletin, Andrew Emerine - April 1936 Old Banks Used In Bond Buying,  New York Sun, December 1942Old Coin Banks are Intriguing, New York Sun, March 1945Andrew Emerine - Relics - Worth of An Old Penny Bank - March 1946Savings Official Loses Money in Banks - New York Sun, April 1946Biggest Banker In Town - Baltimore Sun, Milton Stark, November 1946Cast-iron Kids: they made saving fun! - 1950 Richard M. Lederer - The Mechanical Banker - 1950, Has The "Piggy" Bank Gone For Good? - 1950Don't Save Pennies, Save Penny Banks - Great Guns - January 1953, Grandpa's Toys - Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine - December 14, 1958A Banker Shares His Banks - The Spinning Wheel - Jan/Feb 1963,  Mechanical Banks Featured in Museum - Collector's Weekly - August 1970,  Today's Treasures - Wichita Eagle and Beacon - August 1970
Perelman Museum - Collector's World - September-October 1970Banks That Move - Perelman Museum Sale - Americana - 1989.
     Additions to MBCA Members section include: MBCA BANKERS from April, August, and December of 2003.

October 24, 2006
- Recent additions include: Pages from J & E Stevens Co. catalogs - 1906 Export and No. 51Banks of 19th Century - National City Bank of New YorkBert Whiting - Jonah and the Whale - National Antiques Review - Oct. 1970, plus L. C. Hegarty "Garage Sale" auction catalog with prices realized from 1973 (thanks Dr. Z).  Bank photo slide show - 60 second interval20 second interval, 2 second interval (2 & 20 second interval require high speed internet connection).
          Additions to Members section include: a 74 page (6,810k) pdf format booklet distributed at the 2006 MBCA Convention - Betty & John Feather Scrapbook + copies of miscellaneous early material, The Ohio Foundry Co., Handout, and the March 1973 MBCA BANKER.

May 22, 2006
- Recent additions include expansion of Auction Prices to include banks sold by Bertoia Auctions, Morphy Auctions, and RSL Auctions, Walter Hoover - Home Bankers (1947), Michael Sheridan - City's Piggy Bank Buff (1970), Banks Guide U.S. History (1972), Flip! Flop! It's in the Bank (1972), The Toy Man - Leon Perelman (1973), 1976 Bank Purchases Prof's "Old Friends" (1976),  and Colonel I. A. Long (1981).
          Additions to MBCA web Members Section: BANKERS from 2002 - April, August, & December. Select material distributed to members at conventions (pdf format): Connecticut Toys, Mark Haber Lectures from 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963 1964 and 1958-1964, Cromwell Iron Toy Industry, Louis Hertz Manuscript, MBCA History by Ted Richards, Listing of J&E Stevens Banks, Judd banks - 2003 Seminar Booklet, Patented Banks - 2003 Handout, Stevens Foundry by Bob McCumber, and Philadelphia Banks - 2003 Seminar Booklet.

December 17, 2005
- Recent additions to the public scrapbook section include: "Grandfather's Piggy Bank", RELICS Magazine, April 1970, Review of Mrs. Bellows book, New York Sun, Aug. 31, 1940Review of Hertz Manuscript, New York Sun, July 25, 1947Laurence Johnson, Syracuse Herald-American, Feb. 1, 1953, 2,000 Year-old Alms Box, Times, Aug. 16, 1938, Wesley Yando, The Providence Sunday Journal, March 30, 1952, William Ferguson, Gramercy Graphic, Jan. 1959, and William Ferguson, Gramercy Graphic, Feb. 2005. Issues of the
MBCA BANKER from April, August, and December of 2001 were added to the members section. The public forum was deleted due to the large number of automated and inappropriate posts (mostly from China).
April 1, 2005
- Recent additions to the public scrapbook section include: Banks exhibited at Camden Trust Co. in 1966, Andrew Emerine,
Covert Hegarty, and Hubert Whiting. Additions to the members section include: Leon Perelman's speech from 1966 MBCA Convention, April 1981 issue of THE BANKER, and club publications from 1999 and 2000 (337 pages).
        MBCA WEB statistics: 88,912KB of server space with 4,822 files (if printed, each file would produce between 1 and 50+ pages), 3,237 pictures/images, and 17,158 hyperlinks/bookmarks.

July 1, 2004 -
Recent additions include; 1939 - J. & E. Stevens Factory Photographs , 1947 - Ina Bellows, Supplementary Data for her 1940 Book, 1955 - William Roup - Penny Savers of Yesterday, Philadelphia Inquirer, 1958 - William Roup - Grandpa's Toys, Philadelphia Inquirer, 1960 - Hubert (Bert) Whiting - Mobil Marketer, Spring, 1961 - William Roup - Pottstown Mercury, Old Penny Banks, 1963 - Hyman Marcus - Boston Globe article, 1963 - Leon Perelman - Philadelphia Sunday Bulletin article, 1963 - Hubert Whiting - Yankee, May, 1964 - Edward T. Richards - Funeral, 1964 - MBCA Convention snapshots (members section), 1964 - Museum of Childhood, Sept. 29th, Patrick Murray, 1964 - Museum of Childhood, Oct., 11th, Patrick Murray founder,
1965 Capron Replica Banks - Hospital Handbook, 1966 - John D. Meyer - Tyrone Daily Herald article, 1967 - Samuel F. Pryor - Hobby Digest, 1981 - Leon Perelman, NRTA Journal, Toys that weren't thrown out, and Bertoia April 2004 auction prices.
December 28, 2003
- Recent additions include;  Andrew Emerine, Treasures Rare Toys, 1940Wm. F. Ferguson, Newspaper article, 1941Insurance Policy Covers 200 Emerine Banks, 1941Dr. Arthur E. Corby Radio Interview, 1942H. Blair Hull, Inventor, Engineer, & Bank Collector, 1942Seamen's Bank, When Thrift Was Fun, 1943Andrew Emerine, Newspaper Article, 1943Louis H. Hertz "The Old Toy Shop, May, 1945 John & Jack Martin, Collectors, May, 1946Richard M. Lederer, Jr., Collectors Roundup, April, 1946Books on Mechanical Banks, by; Hertz, Haber, and Meyer, 1947Jerry Smith, Collection Article & F.A.O. Schwarz Price List, 1966.
10, 2003 - Additions include; Walter Chrysler -1939, Litchfield Savings Society Exhibit - 1941,  Children's Toys of Victorian Days - 1943, Vice President Soden Collects - 1944, St. Louis Globe Democrat - 1944, Business Week - 1944, Bridgeport Sunday Post - 1945, Douglas Fellows, Yankee Banks - 1945, Louis Hertz, Interest Growing in Old Toys - 1946, Coin Grabbers of 19th Century- 1947, Thrift Was Both a Virtue and Fun - 1955.
March 2, 2003 -
Additions include; Grandpa's Gadgets - 1936 - American Weekly. Children's Banks of Other Days - 1937 - The Savings Banker, Penny Bank Collectors - 1937 New York Times, Coin Banks at Museum - 1937 - Boston American, Wilmont Evans - 1938 Boston Evening Transcript, You May Bank On This - 1938 - Hobbies, Banks of Another Color and Age - 1938 - About The First, Walter's Banks - 1938 - The New Yorker, Haber Collection at Bank - 1939 - Boston Herald, Encyclopedia of Mechanical Banks - 1940 - Heirlooms, and, if you're bored www.mbca.com 404 error page.
November 17, 2002 -
Additions include; Frear's Troy Bazaar Trade Card, Morton Bodfish 1951Henry Miller 1952, Astronomical Prices 1952, F. L. Ball 1953, Vernon Howe 1954, Providence RI Collectors Club 1954, Chrysler Sale 1955, American Mercury 1955, Andrew Emerine 1958, and Auction $ updates. New to members section is preliminary information on our 2003 Convention and group photos from early conventions (courtesy of Ted Richards); 1960, 1961, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1972.
August 2, 2002 -
Public section additions include; Hartford Current 1940 article, American Home 1961 article courtesy of Deborah Davidson, Coin World 1966 article, New York Times 1976 article by Carole Rogers, Russell Frisbie - Extraordinary Inventor, Cromwell History, Perelman Museum 1969 opening, and Bertoia June 29th auction pricesMembers only section additions include; 1959 Convention Agenda, plus over 37,000 words from lectures given by Mark Haber at the first seven MBCA Conventions, Bank prices - past, present, and future (1958), Banks which reflect historical significance (1959), Charles A. Bailey - Master pattern maker... (1960), 35 Gems of Bankdom (1961), Foundry practices at J & E Stevens Co. (1962), Fakes, Deviations and recasts (1963), and The Sleepers (1964).
May 12, 2002 -
1930 J&E Stevens price list, 1937 History of Penny Banks by Mark Haber, 1942 NY Sun article, 1945 Antiques  article on Jerome Secor by Losis Hertz, 1945 article on Griffith, 1946 NY Sun article, 1974 Dennenberg article, 1978 Boston Globe article, Bertoia Auction prices have been updated, and MBCA publications from 1998 are posted in the members only section
January 30, 2002 -
Bank pages from J. & E. Stevens Co. catalogs - 1883 - 1904 - 1905 - 1906 - 1907  - 1928 price list - 1929 & #13 price listJ. Lisle Laufer - 1950 Wheelabrator Digest article. Also, members only section home page includes email links to MBCA President, Secretary, Treasurer, and BANKER Editor (see latest BANKER for current User Name and Password) along with preliminary MBCA 2002 Convention information.
December 9, 2001 -
Louis Rosenberg article from 1962 Louisville Courier Sunday Magazine, Artillery Bank advertisement from 1892 Century Magazine, 1955 John Johannsen  Profitable HOBBIES cover and article, an advertisement for reproduction banks from the Spring 1974 edition of Liberty Magazine, and Bertoia Auction Prices have been updated.
September 1, 2001 -
Recent additions to the public section of the web include: 1933 HOBBIES Magazine cover, 1940 Samuel Pryor photo, magazine articles from Spinning Wheel magazine   Uncle Sam Bank (Nov. 1967) and Monkey and Coconut Bank (Dec. 1967), and Girl Skipping Rope patent paper images and text. Additions to member's only section include MBCA publications from 1997, 1965-1979 BY-LAWS, and History of MBCA presented by Edward Richards at our 1963 convention.
June 1, 2001 -
A list of 1732 Mechanical Banks sold by Bertoia Auctions between October 1994 and May 2001 has been posted to the MBCA web. See Auction $ link at left under MBCA logo, or click here >  A-C, D-H, I-O, P-Z, A-Z (250k). Condition is from catalog listing. Prices include buyer's premium. Information courtesy of MBCA member Bill Bertoia.
April 1, 2001 -
By request, additional bank photos have been added to the web. They display randomly on the Home Page (changing every minute), have been indexed on Contents pages, and are available as a slide show changing every 60 seconds, or every 20 seconds.
January 24, 2001 -
Chrysler Collection Sale brochure with prices from 1955 has been posted in the public section along with additional MBCA publications from 1996 in the MBCA "Member's-Only" section.
August 6, 2000
- Club publications from 1990 through 1995 have been added to the MBCA "Member's-Only". 
May 13, 2000 -
Animated Bank Photos have been posted to the web. Thanks to Frank Kidd and the MBCA Archives, we've added more MBCA publications to the members section of our web News Letters from March 1962 and December 1962, BANKERS from April 1980, August 1980, August 1981, December 1981, and December 1983, as well as 1982 Other Old Mechanical Banks containing information on and photos of 61 rarely seen banks. Members should check their December 1999 BANKER, or contact mbank@snet.net for the Login & Password.
March 4, 2000 -
An index has been added to the members reference section. It contains 664 links to information on specific banks and bank related articles that are in the members area of our web (1960 through 1989 Bankers, etc).  The scrapbook contents pages contain an additional 1451 links to articles in the public section of our web.
February 4, 2000 -
Added to the Scrapbook: Andrew Emerine 1939, 1946 & 1953, American Toys After 1850, Conn. Historical Society 1955, I.A. Long 1947, Chinese Coin Bank 1948.
December 4, 1999 -
Over 500 pages of MBCA published material from the 60's & 70's are now available on-line in the members Reference section. Password information will be in the next BANKER, use the same User Name and Password for the members Chat area. Contact mbank@snet.net with any questions. Also new: Valuable Toys, Apr. '42, Calvacade of Toys, '42 NY Sun, Apr. '46, LA Times, Sep. '49, Hertz/Haber Gradation Listing, '47, and Hobbies, Mar. '48.
- Over 150 pages of MBCA reference material from the 1960's have been posted to the restricted access Reference section. If you're a member of the MBCA, contact mbank@snet.net for the required Login and Password. Use the same Login and Password to access the new members only Chat area.
July 30, 1999
- Thanks to Aaron and Abby Schroeder, the words and audio of their Bless Us All song have been posted to this web site. Also posted this month was an article by Andrew Emerine  from Avocations, March 38 and articles by Richard Lederer from Collectors Roundup, Oct. 46, March 47, and April 47. - Pages from J. &. Stevens Co. factory catalogs were added to the Scrapbook section along with articles by Norman Sherwood in Avocations   Dec. 37Jan. 38Feb. 38March 38April 38May 38June 38Nov. 38, and Dec. 38. Other additions include articles from the New York Times, Farm Journal, and American German Review. Forum is available for use. Post your for sale, wanted, comments, questions, etc., and reply to messages left by others. References listed in the bibliography of John Meyer's handbook are being located and linked to the bibliography page from his handbook check them out. Do you have material that could be posted on the MBCA site? Contact web@mechanicalbanks.org.

April 18, 1999 -
Over 1000 files of scrapbook content have been posted to the site. Additional pages will be added and possibly a bulletin board or Forum along with a private area with information available only to MBCA members via a password published in the BANKER.
March 18, 1999 -
www.mechanicalbanks.org first published to www.

          Joseph Cotten Actor
          May 15, 1905 - February 6, 1994


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