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Office of the Secretary
P. 0. Box 128
Allegan, Mich. 49010


     The 24th annual convention of the Mechanical Bank Collectors of America was held in The Hartley Hotel, Fort Wayne, Indiana, September 25th thru the 27th, 1981. President Bill Robison presided.
     Steve and Marilyn Steckbeck were our hosts, making everyone welcome and providing a very lively convention. They are to be commended for an excellent job well done.
     The business meeting followed registration Friday evening. President Bill welcomed the 61 members attending the convention together with their spouses, making the total well over 100. Everyone then introduced themselves.
     The Secretary stated that everyone had received the previous minutes in the mail and the convention waived the reading of the minutes. Ken Knops, the Treasurer, reported that we had a balance of $3965.53, with 234 paying members, together with 7 founding members. He further noted that with rising expenses for postage, printing etc., it was very difficult to keep up, but that the dues increase will most certainly help.
     Gerhard Riegraf from West Germany, sent a nice letter to Steve regretting his inability to attend the convention. However, ill health prevented it this year, but wished all members good luck.
     A nominating committee consisting of Bob Warner, Donal Markey and Steve Steckbeck was appointed to submit a slate of officers for the coming year at the Saturday night banquet.
     Hall Henry reported that a problem had developed for the convention next year in North Carolina. Because of the up-coming World's Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee, the only date available for the convention would be September 9 - 11 and that the prices would be considerably higher. This would make the convention about three weeks earlier than the usual date, which is always the last weekend in September. In view of this development, Mr. & Mrs. Al Davidson offered to be hosts at the New Harrison Inn on Long Island. The attending members seemed to favor the Long Island site. A firm date will be confirmed as soon as possible.
     Banks sold at the auction held Friday night following the business meeting resulted in a commission to the club of $832.
     Two resolutions were adopted at the Board of Directors meeting held Saturday afternoon:
1) RESOLVED: That all members who attend or participate in any function of the convention shall be liable for the registration fee at that time.
If not forthcoming, then shall become payable with the membership dues.
2) RESOLVED: That at each convention a moment of silence be held for members and/or their family members who have passed away during the past year.
     Following a violent electrical storm that hit the Fort Wayne area Saturday afternoon in which all power was cut off from the convention hotel, the banquet was held as scheduled. Beginning in candle light and ending with the power being restored about 8:00 PM.
     The following slate of officers was reported by nominating committee to serve during the coming year, and was elected.
          President - Ken Knops 
          Vice President - Tim Anderson
          Secretary - Rick Mihlheim
          Treasurer - Bern Ellinghaus
          Director 1 year Steve Steckbeck
          Director 1 year Donal Markey
          Director 1 year Bob Warner
          Director 2 years Bill Robison
          Director 2 years Bob Watkins
     In the absence of Oliver Clark, who was unable to attend because of business reasons, the program was shortened to the showing of Al Davidson's film "Penny Lane", which was enjoyed by all members new and old. The concluding event of the convention was a group picture taken by Bill Norman.
     This year the Club, together with Bill Norman, sponsored an in-depth study of "The Artillery Bank". Bill was congratulated by the members for doing an excellent job of research and authoring the booklet. All members are to receive one copy as part of their membership. Any additional copies may be purchased from the Secretary at $5.00 per copy.
     There being no further business to come before the meeting, President Bill adjourned the convention.
                                                   Respectfully submitted,
                                                   H.E. "Rick" Mihlheim

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