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Dear Fellow Collector:

I deeply regret to inform you of the recent death of Edwin H. Mosler, Jr., on March 20, 1982. To so many of us who knew Ed and admired his great style, technique and enthusiasm in the creation of his collections, his demise is a tremendous loss.

I have been authorized at this time by the Executors of his Estate to offer his collections at public sale.

For those not familiar with his collections, included are not only mechanical and still banks, but a variety of well known collectible fakes, variations, wood, lead and brass patterns, semi-mechanicals, and related items – many from the historic collections of Meyer, Emerine and Weider.

We look forward to seeing you all on WEDNESDAY, June 2, 1982 at 1:00 p.m. for the MECHANICALS and THURSDAY, June 3, 1982 at 10:00 a.m. for the STILLS. Both sales to take place at the:

401 Seventh Avenue (at 33rd Street)
Suite 600-A
New York, New York

If I can be of any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to call.


Donal P. Markey






Album Surprise Bank      *
Alice in Wonderland      650
Archie Andrews (two)      (150-225)
Artillery bank (seven) Meyer/Emerine      (375-1250)
Automat Candy Bank      200
Automatic Coin Savings      2200
Education and Economy      1200
Education and Economy (early version)      750
Barrel with Arms (four) Weider      (200-350)
Battleship/semi (five)      (325-1000)
Bear and Tree Stump      550
Bear/Sulky      250
Bear/Surly      200
Beehive Bank      300
Betta Toy Eng. Twin Tower Money Box      300
Bill E. Grin / Emerine      1200
Billy Goat (three)      (1000-1750)
Biscuit Tin (French)      350
Bismark Pig (two)      (1750-2000)
Black Joe      950
Boy and Bulldog (two)/Meyer      (550-575)
Boy Stealing Watermelon /Emerine      1000
Bread Winners / Emerine      *
Bucking Goat /Meyer      350
Bucking Mule (two) / Emerine      (750-1000)
Buffalo (five) / Meyer      (100-450)
Bull and Bear      1250
Bull with Movable Horns (two)      (175-225)
Bulldog on Base      475
Bulldog Savings Bank (three) / Emerine      (1800-2500)
Bulldog Standing (two) / Emerine      (275-500)
Bunker Hill Monument      750
Bureau (Serrill) Type I      2000
Bureau (Serrill) Type II (two) / Wieder      (1500-1750)
Bureau (Picture Pops Up) / Meyer      3500
Bureau (Le Wando’s)      1150
Bureaus (Assorted) approx. (twenty five)      (15-450)
Burnett Postman Biscuit Tin (two)      (800-950)
Butting Buffalo      1100
Cabin (two)      (200-225)
Cabin (wood pattern)      250
Calumet (Type II)      250
Camera      2750
Candy Dispenser Banks (seven)      (100-175)
Candy Machine bank (double)      1000
Candy Dispenser Automat (two)      200 (ea.)
Captain Kidd (two)      (200-250)
Cash Register Bank (Hubley)      950
Cat and Mouse      800
Centennial Liberty Bell (round) Rare      750
Cat Chases Mouse / Meyer      750
Centennial Liberty Bell (octagonal) rare      750
Chein Bear on Drum      1500
Chein banks (17 assorted)      (15-200)
Chimpanzee (two)      (800-1200)
Chocolate Automat West      300
Chocolate Candy Automat      250
Chocolate Meiner (six)      (325-600)
Chocolate Meiner (Family Size)      700
Pin Ball Machine Bank      1300
Musical Church Bank      750
Cigarette Dispenser Bank     100
Cigarette Machine bank (French)      550
Circus Ticket Collector      1250
Clever Dick      1500
Clock (German)      125
Clown Bank      550
Clown Bank (German)      750
Clown (large) / Wieder      300
Clown with Hat (large)      250
Clown (small)      200
Clown /Black Face (tin)     1000
Clown /White Face (tin)      1000
Clown face (round)      1250
Clown on Globe     1350
Clown, Harlequin and Columbine (second casting)      *
Columbian Magic (seven)      (275-325)
Creedmoor (three)      (200-275)
Crescent Cash Reg. (two)      (400-575)
Cupid at Piano Musical Bank      *
Cupola Bank (Bldg.) (two)      1500-2000
Dapper Dan (two)      (400-600)
Darktown Battery /white players      750
Darktown Battery /fat bat      750
Darktown Battery /lead pattern      750
Dinah (two)      250 (ea.)
Dog I Hear a Call (two)      (75-100)
Barking Dog      3000
Dog on Turntable (three) / Emerine      (150-400)
Dolls Head / Semi (two)      (350-375)
Drivers Chocolate      300
Droste’s Chocolate      375
Dutch Girl and Cottage      185
Edwardian Wooden Elephant      (250)
Electric Safe      250
Elephant with Howdah      375
Elephant with Howdah – pull tail (three)/Meyer and Emerine       (150-225)
Elephant Locked Howdah / Emerine      650
Elephant – Raised Coin Slot      325
Elephant – 3 Stars / Emerine      375
Elephant – 3 Stars (Canadian)      250
Elephant – 3 Star Type (two)      (300-350)
Elephant Moves Trunk (large) / Meyer      100
Elephant Moves Trunk (small) (two)      (65-85)
Elephant Moves Trunk on Wheels / Meyer      375
Elephant with String Tail      375
Feed the Goose (two) / Emerine/Meyer      (150-250)
Feed the Kitty (three) / Emerine      (600-850)
Ferris Wheel (three)      (1500-2000)
Football bank (five) / Wieder      (1700-3000)
Fort and Cannon (German)      1500
Fortune Horse Race Savings Bank      *
Fortune Teller Savings Bank (two)      (575-675)
Forty Niner Mech. bank      550
Two Frogs Bank / Emerine      550
Frog in Den / Meyer      *
Frog on Rock (two)      (150-275)
Frog on Lattice (two) / Meyer      (200-300)
Fun Producing Scale     1500
Gem Bank / Emerine      400
Germania Exchange      *
Giant bank / Wieder      *
Girl Skipping Rope      *
Girl in Victorian Chair / Meyer      2700
Globe on Arc (three)      (125-350)
Globe Savings Fund / Emerine      750
Globe on Stand (three) / Emerine/Meyer      (150-175)
Glutton (four) / Meyer      (150-550)
Goat Frog and Old Man (three)      (450-2250)
Golden gate Key Bank      950
Greedy Nigger      250
Grenadier      800
Guessing Bank / Emerine      2500
Man in Chair (Guessing Bank Figure (Bellows)      2500
Gwenda Money Box      1500
Hall’s Excelsior (four) / Emerine      (150-250)
Hall’s Liliput Type III (three / Emerine      (250-450)
Hall’s Liliput Still Bank      375
Hall’s Yankee Notion      1500
Hannibal Elephant      1500
Harold Lloyd / Still      750
Hartwig and Vogel (two) / Weider       (375-1200)
Hen and Chick      900
Hillman’s Coin Target Bank      *
Home Bank (three) / Emerine      (350-575)
Home Bank (tin)      200
Hoopla (two) / Wieder      (750-850)
Horse Race Type I      1200
Horse and Silo      2500
Humpty Dumpty      650
Huntley and Palmer Biscuit Tin      550
Huntley and Palmer Reading Biscuit Tin      800
I Always Did Spise A Mule (bench) (two)      (475-575)
I Always Did Spise A Mule (jockey (two) / Emerine      (300-450)
Independence Hall (semi) (three) / Emerine      (150-375)
Indian and Bear (white)      750
Initiating (first degree)      3000
Jack on Roof      1500
Jitney Bank (two)      (950-1200)
Joe Socko / Emerine      350
John Bull’s Money Box     *
Jolly Joe (two)      1500 (ea.)
Jolly Negro Family (asst. Hi hats, Variations, Pieces       (750-390)
                              / Meyer/Emerine/ Wieder
Jumbo Elephant – Iron / Meyer      600
Jumbo Elephant – tin    75
Jumbo Elephant on Wheels      375
Keene Registering Bank      350
Key Bank (two)      (375-450)
Kick Inn Bank      450
Kiltie Bank      800
Lighthouse      775
Light of Asia      1250
Lion Hunter / Wieder      2500
Little Joe (seven)      (100-250)
Little Moe (two)      (1250-1500)
Leo Candy Dispenser Bank      350
Memorial Money Bank      500
Little Joe – High Hat      250
Little Millionaire Savings (semi) (two)      (35-45)
Locomotive (eight) / Meyer      (575-1000)
Long May it Wave      3000
Lost Dog (two) / Emerine     (350-400)
Lucky Money Wheel (two)      1500 (ea.)
Magic Clock Savings Bank      1200
Magic Man Elephant      1500
Magic Safe (five)     (625-750)
Mammy and Child / Meyer      1000
Man on Chimney      450
Merry Go Round (semi) (two) / Emerine      (150-275)
Metropolitan Safe (two)      (150-300)
Mikado     *
Milking Cow      1800
Minstrel (four)      (300-550)
Model R.R. Drink Dispenser      2500
Model R.R. Station Rest Rooms     2500
Model R.R. Stamp Dispenser      2500
Model R.R. Ticket Vending Bank (Bing) (three)      2500 (ea.)
Model Savings Bank (cash register)      2000
Monkey bank / Meyer      250
Monkey (semi)      200
Monkey and Parrot (two)     (475-550)
Monkey with tray (six) / Wieder      (550-650)
Moody and Sankey (four) /Meyer/Wieder      (500-1200)
Mosque (three) / Meyer/Wieder      (500-850)
Multiplying Bank / Emerine      600
Music Bank (tin)      *
Musical Castle      4500
Musical Bank / Sing A Song of Six-pence      2200
Regina Musical Savings (two) / Wieder      4500 (ea.)
Musical Savings Bank – Wood House      *
Musical Savings Bank – You pay I play – Wood Easel       *
My Secret Safe      300
National Your Savings (three)      (375-450)
New Bank (eight) / Emerine / Wieder      (250-675)
New Creedmoor – Sparskytt      600
Nodding Clown      3500
North Pole (second casting)      1500
North Pole Freezer (two)      (250-400)
Octagonal Fort (two)      2500 (ea.)
1,2,3,4,5 Glass-Iron Bank      350
Organ (cat and dog) /Emerine      450
Organ (boy and girl)      775
Organ (monkey) (two) / Emerine      (200-250)
Organ – miniature (two) / Emerine/Meyer      (475-575)
Organ Grinder and Performing Bear      1750
Oriental Bust Bank 750
Owl – slot in book /Emerine      350
Owl Turns Head (five)     (200-300)
Owl Turns Head (porcelainized)      (225)
Paddy and the Pig      575
Panorama      1750
Pascall Choc. Cigarette bank      750
Pascall Savings – Type I      800
Pascall Savings – Type II      500
Patronize the Blind Man      1750
Peg Leg Beggar (two) / Emerine/Meyer      (950-1200)
Pelican (two)      (850-1100)
Cockatoo (german – Tin Bank      1500
Penny Pineapple (three)      (50-200)
Penny Saver Cash Register      350
Peter Weatherbird Shoes – Tin      300
Piano Bank – Music      650
Pig (three) / Emerine      (50-750)
Pig Cigar Cutter / Emerine      225
Pig in High Chair      500
Pistol / Wieder      600
Policeman Bank (german) Tin      1000
Popeye – Knock Out (two)      (175-475)
Presto Savings Bank (mouse on roof) tin & Iron      675
Presto / Wieder      275
Pump and Bucket / Emerine      1150
Punch and Judy – Iron (five) / Emerine      (400-900)
Punch and Judy – Tin-Semi (two)      150 (ea.)
Punch and Judy – Tin (german)      2200
Rabbit (small)      450
Rabbit (tall)      750
Rabbit in Cabbage / Emerine      300
Radio Registering Bank (german)      150
Reclining Chinaman      1800
Recording Bank – Administration Building      250
Risque Pig (two)      250 (ea.)
Rooster      200
Rooster Crowing      1500
Royal Trick Elephant      3500
Saluting Sailor (two)      (1000-1200)
Sam Siegel’s Aim to Save Coin Bank plus patent      *
Starkies Airplane     *
Springing Cat      *
Santa Claus (two)      (725-850)
Santa in Cathedral      750
Saving Sam      200
Saving Squirrel (two)      (400-500)
Savo (three)      (350-500)
Scotchman (two)      (500-550)
Scottish Guardsman      1500
Seated Monkey      175
Self-Reg. Money Box Clock (german)      350
Sentry Bank      350
Shoot the Chute / Emerine      *
Shooting Soldier Bank      750
Signal Cabin (three)      (850-1100)
Smyth X-Ray (two)      (2200-2500)
Snap-It (three)      (225-250)
Sonny Boy Type      75
Spar Automat – Hartwig and Vogel      400
Speaking Dog (two)     (675-750)
Spike Helmeted Soldier      1000
Spike Helmeted Head (two)      (850-1100)
Spring Jawed Bonzo      650
Spring Jawed Dog      700
Squirrel and Tree Stump / Wieder      1350
Stollwerck (30 varieties)      (100-300)
Stollwerck Candy Dispenser Box      250
Stollwerck-Victoria (five)      (375-600)
Stump Speaker / Emerine      1000
Symphonion Music Savings Bank      *
Sweet Thrift (two)      (225-275)
Tammany (four) / Emerine      (250-275)
Tank and Cannon (eight) / Emerine      (475-775)
Target Bank / Meyer      1000
Telephone bank (four) / Emerine      (85-900)
Teller Box (three)      35 (ea.)
Thrifty Animal      475
Thrifty Tom (three) / Wieder      (350-650)
Tirelire Enregistreuse      200
Tit Bit Automatic Money Box / Lehmann      1500
Toboggan Savings Bank     1150
Tommy (three)      (3500-3750)
Tower Bank     200
Trans-Vaal Money box (five)      (575-775)
Treasure Chest Musical Bank      2000
Treasure Chest Bank (semi) 175
Trick Dog – Type I      450
Trick Dog – Type II (three) / Emerine      (200-300)
Trick Donkey / Emerine      600
Trick Savings Bank – Type I (two) / Emerine      (150-225)
Trick Savings Bank – Type II      275
Trick Savings Bank – Clarks Spool Cotton      800
Tricky Pig (two) / Meyer      (300-350)
Trunk Bank (two)      50 (ea.)
Try Your Weight Scale (two)      2500 (ea.)
Turtle Bank (semi)      *
Two Ducks      1200
Tyrolier Hunter      1250
Tyrolier Pattern      575
Uncle Remus      1750
Uncle Sam      850
Uncle Sam – Special Edition (two)      (1000-1250)
Uncle Sam Bust      350
Uncle Tom      450
Uncle Tom – Type I      325
U.S. Bank / Meyer      2800
U.S. and Spain      1800
United States Bank (two)      (1500-2000)
Universal Savings Bank (Tin-Mech)      750
Watch Bank (three)      (500-1000)
Watch Dog Bank      2200
Watch Dog Safe (two) / Emerine      (250-375)
Weeden’s Plantation / Meyer      600
Whale      650
Austraian William Tell (two)      2750 (ea.)
William Tell     375
Windmill (two) / Emerine      125 (ea.)
Wireless (three) / Meyer/ Wieder      (225-250)
Wooden Two Way Tower (two)      (200-550)
World’s Fair (two) / Emerine      (600-700)
World’s Fair – Bailey Pattern      950
Zentral Sparkassa      225
Zoo Bank (two)     (750-850)

ANTIQUE TOY WORLD Magazine August, 1982
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ANTIQUE TOY WORLD Magazine August, 1982

Mosler Collection Sold
The sale of the Edwin H. Mosler, Jr., Mechanical and Still Bank collection was held in New York, June 2nd and 3rd.

by Stephen A. Steckbeck
 Ed was truly a philanthropist. As a hobbyist, he assembled the finest known collection of banks in the world. Ed was a gentle person who considered feelings of others first, and collecting second. It comes as no surprise that even at the end of his life he planned for his fellow collectors.
     While the blizzards of '82 reached from the Rockies to New England, and cold gripped New York, Ed was making plans. He first advised his long time friend and confidant, Donal Markey that he had decided to privately dispose of the collection. Don agreed to help price and assist Ed in the ensuing liquidation. It was the hope of Ed Mosler that he could place a bank on every collectors shelf. This private sale started on February 22nd. Mr. Mosler summoned collectors to his office one by one and offered them certain banks that he felt would enhance their collection. His mind was keen, he was happy, cheerful and prophetic. This sale lasted less than two weeks due to Ed's failing health. March 20th Edwin H Mosler, Jr. died. His last wishes were that the balance of the banks would be sold at public sale.
     On June 2nd and 3rd, 1982, the public sale was held at the Mosler office in the Statler Hotel, New York City. In a two day period, an unbelievable eight hundred mechanicals and still banks were sold. Collectors showed up at the Statler Hotel days before the sale to be assured a good position at the head of the line. On June 2nd, those waiting were issued numbers. Prospective buyers were ushered into the main office according to their numbers in groups of about ten, where they were allowed to examine and purchase the banks of their choice. All in all, the sale was very orderly. As expected, the rare and more glamorous mechanicals were sold by the end of the first hour.
     The first bank sold was the Bread Winner. Other rare banks sold in rapid succession were Mikado, Germania Exchange, Giant, John Bull, Shoot the Chute, Regina Musical, and a number of rare patterns and many others.
 Inside the office area collectors looked over the remaining banks like children in a candy store thinking and examining, deciding and at last purchasing the bank of their choice. There were so many smiling faces. Everyone felt great! Some may have been disappointed that they didn't get all they wanted, but no one should have been unhappy.
     For those who wish to purchase a bank from the remaining inventory, there is good news! Donal Markey will conduct a private sale on the remaining stock by phone or by appointment in Mr. Mosler's office. The fine collection of Bell toys and horse drawn vehicles will be held in September and no doubt will be another memorable occasion.
     Those who were not privileged to know Ed might better understand his philosophy of life and collecting by reflecting on the words of George Bernard Shaw, who said, "This is how God would have done it, if he had the time and money."


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